Halloween Digital Scavenger Hunt



You will be awarded 1 point for every correct photo or answer.

Tip: Read ALL the clues in advance to map out your route as best you can. Some locations may require multiple clues/photos.

1) Give the clue number with your answer to receive credit.
2) Submit your photos immediately after completing the task. Do NOT save them all up until the end.

Solve the clue, then snap a photo of at least 1 team member with the answer.
1 – You can’t make pumpkin pie without it!
2 – Pose like zombies outside this building filled with San Mateo history. SM Historical Museum
3 – Head to a downtown spot where you might “check out” and make your scariest Halloween face. library
4 – You team playing leapfrog at 37.4821824, -122.2474094
5 – Find a house with 2 scary ESTKSLOEN!
6 – Head to the park nicknamed “Tank Park” and look like a General next to this WWII souvenir.
7 – Pose like vampires (no makeup) at this location where someone might yell “All Aboard!”
8 – Show off your best yoga pose outside the city’s unofficial “Halloween Headquarters.”
9 – This is filled 6 days a week, but if you don’t own it you can’t take a peek.
10 – It’s elementary! Line up in front of this RWC school that could have been called “Polaris”
11 – Team Selfie in front of a THOGS.
12 – Kick up your heels outside 37.4885678, -122.2279634
13 – Two LCBKA ASRC adjacent to each other.
14 – I’m tall when I’m young. I’m short when I’m old. Every Halloween I sit inside a jack-o-lantern.
15 – Pose in front of a house that looks like it might be THADUEN.
16 – Video! In 5 seconds, show us your team’s best floss dance.
17 – Video! In 5 seconds, team members acting like they’ve seen a ghost!
18 – Video! Record a team member hopping on one foot while singing part of “Monster Mash”

Take a photo of:
19 – A cloud that looks like a pumpkin
20 – Team posing with a happy jack-o-lantern!
21 – The historical plaque at the park nicknamed “Tank Park.”
22 – A newspaper with an October date.
23 – One License plate on which all the numbers add up to exactly 13.
24 – Spiderweb
25 – Two team members standing under a street sign that starts with the letter “H”
26 – Black cat
27 – The number 13
28 – Witch Hat
29 – Team members in a spooky shadow pose.
30 – Scarecrow or haystack
31 – A sign with the letters F-A-L-L anywhere on it.
32 – Your team’s reflection.
33 – Something with thorns

SOLVE IT! ( No photos )
Solve the puzzles and text in your answer.
34 – What was Redwood City’s original name?
35 – Spell out 6 words using the letters in WITCHES
36 – Near Yang Orthodontics is a street named after a tree. How many Scavenger Hunt signs can you spot?
37 – Unscramble this word NYDAC and translate it into 3 different foreign languages
38 – Solve the mystery: First Tracy threw away the outside. Then she cooked the inside. Then she ate the outside and threw away the inside. What did she eat?
39 – What number do you get when you multiply all the numbers on your phone’s keypad?
40 – Who did it? Mr. Brown was murdered on Sunday after noon. The wife said she was carving a pumpkin. The butler said he was buying candy. The chef said he was cooking breakfast. The gardener said he was planting pumpkins. The housekeeper said she sewing a costume. Whose alibi gives them away?

You’re almost done!

Now text us the words GAME OVER and head back to the Yang Orthodontics office to cross the finish line. While you drive back to the finish line, we’ll double check all your answers to make sure they are correct.

Your team will be notified when 4 teams have finished the game. You are encouraged to keep playing to see if you can complete the game by 12:30 pm, but there’s no obligation. If you are tired, it’s OK to stop.

You do not need to return to the finish area if the top 4 teams have finished.



A. Clues may be answered in ANY ORDER you choose.

B. For each clue, you must send a text message with either a photo or written answer to
our special game number: 650-245-2534.

C. Please send in your photos/answers as you complete them. Do NOT save up all your photos and send them all in at the end.

****** Be sure to include the clue number with each answer to receive credit.

D. Teams will be awarded 1 point for every correct answer/photo. If your team submits an answer/photo that is incorrect you will be notified.

E. Teams must stay together at all times. You will be disqualified if you separate.

F. When you have successfully answered all of the clues, text in the words GAME OVER and head back to the Yang Orthodontics office to cross the finish line. While you drive back to the finish line, we’ll double check all your answers to make sure they are correct.
Be sure to text us GAME OVER before arriving back!

G. The first 4 teams to successfully submit all correct answers/photos will be awarded prizes. All teams will be notified when we have 4 winners But you don’t have to stop playing! Keep going for fun and see if you can complete the hunt before the 12:30 pm deadline!

You do not need to return to the finish line if you are not among the Top 4 teams

H. If no teams complete all the challenges before 12:30 pm the 4 teams with the most points at that time will be named the winners. We will announce the winners at that time.

I. At certain times during the game, teams will be notified via text of special “Pop-up Challenges.”
Pop-ups are not required but must be completed by any team competing for prizes.

J. Please wear your mask when in public areas and maintain social distancing.

If you have any problems or questions during the game,
call EVE at 650-245-2534 or email outreach.yangortho@gmail.com

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