Why Trust Dr. Yang with Your Invisalign Treatment?


Many people think all Invisalign is automated–that you’ll get the same Invisalign treatment and final result no matter where you go. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While portions of the Invisalign manufacturing process is automated, the design of each individual aligner is up to the treating doctor. Come up with the right plan and your teeth will move well and you’ll have the smile you have always wanted. Come up with the wrong plan and your teeth won’t move, your bite will get worse and you’ll end up worse than when you started.

How do we know this? Because patients that are currently in Invisalign treatment with other doctors come to us to fix their teeth! We feel bad for these patients. Many consumers just do not know how important it is to find the right doctor for Invisalign braces near you.

You need a doctor that has tremendous experience with Invisalign and who also cares about getting the best results. We’re proud to say that Dr. Yang’s finished Invisalign results are as good as any case he would treat with braces.

Think about this…
If you needed to take your Ferrari into the shop, would you trust the mechanic down the street that works occasionally on Italian cars or would you trust your Ferrari only to a certified Ferrari technician who only ever works on Ferraris?

You only get one set of teeth. Trust Yang Orthodontics with your Ferrari.

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