Get High-Quality Care from Our Orthodontist Near San Carlos, CA

Straightening crooked or misaligned teeth does more than just make your smile beautiful. It makes brushing and flossing easier for you as well. It also improves the flow of blood within your periodontal tissues to keep your gums and teeth healthy.

With Yang Orthodontics, you can achieve a pleasant smile and a healthier mouth. Our orthodontics office is minutes away from downtown San Carlos, CA. From our easily accessible Redwood City office, we offer an array of orthodontic treatments for patients of all ages to residents of San Carlos and other neighboring areas. We also provide Invisalign, a revolutionary way to straighten teeth using a clear (and virtually invisible) sets of aligners. Whether you need clear or traditional braces, we’ll work with you to satisfy your orthodontic needs and preferences!

Board-Certified Orthodontist and Staff at Your Service

Dr. Stephen Yang, our board-certified orthodontist,provides metal braces, clear braces, and other types of orthodontic treatment. Dr. Yang treats patients in San Carlos, Redwood City, and surrounding areas in the Peninsula. He can straighten your teeth and give you the gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted.

Assisting Dr. Yang is a team of highly trained, registered dental assistants. They’re more than happy to deliver high-quality care and create an environment where you feel welcome and comfortable.  Our team is always approachable and friendly so if you have any concerns and questions, we’ll be happy to address them. Our staff is also great with kids, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your little ones for an appointment!

Making Your Visit Enjoyable

Feeling anxious about visiting a dental office? You won’t feel this way when you walk through our doors. We go beyond putting traditional or clear braces on the teeth of patients. We also take the time to make sure you feel at ease during the exam and orthodontic procedures.

Additionally, we give children a reason to look forward to visiting our orthodontics office.We have a unique and fun rewards program that lets kids earn points called “Ortho Bucks.” They can use their Ortho Bucks to win great prizes, such as gift cards for Amazon and PlayStation.

When you visit us for the first time for an initial appointment, our staff will make sure to provide you with a warm welcome. We also:

Give you a tour of our state-of-the-art orthodontic office

Conduct a thorough oral examination

Discuss the possible treatment options for your condition

Answer any questions you may have about our treatment processes

Suggest financial options in case you need help paying for the cost of orthodontic treatment

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Yang today by giving our office a call at 650-366-5758.

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