Ortho Bucks Reward Program


Collect Bucks!

1 Ortho Buck Every Appointment if TWO of the Following Categories are Met or
2 Ortho Bucks Every Appointment if ALL FOUR of the Following are Met:

Sorry, you don’t earn Ortho Bucks for

Bonus Bucks!

Refer a Patient
20 Ortho Bucks – Refer a Patient for a Complimentary New Patient Exam!

Report Cards
Ortho Bucks – All B’s or Better on Your Report Card. (Bring your card to show us.)

Dentist Visits
Ortho Bucks – Bring a Signed form from Your Dentist Saying you Had Excellent Hygiene at your Last Cleaning AND No Cavities!

Social Media
2 Ortho Bucks – Check-in on YELP
7 Ortho Bucks – Start Following us on Instagram or Facebook AND like a post.
8 Ortho Bucks – Post a Photo of You in Our Office on YOUR Instagram Page with #YangOrthodontics

Ortho Buck – Make your Next Appointment Before Leaving the Office.
1 Ortho Buck – Show your Yang Ortho Wristband or Ortho Tee at Your Appointment.

Any patient who is currently in active treatment or enrolled in our Kids Club may participate.
If we forget to give you your Ortho Bucks, please remind us—we won’t be able to give them at the next appointment.

No Ortho Bucks will be given for retention visits or recall visits unless you are enrolled in our Kids Club.
Yang Orthodontics reserves the right to change prizes or the amount of Ortho Bucks needed to redeem a prize at any time.

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