Board-Certified Orthodontist in Palo Alto, CA

Orthodontists go beyond fixing crooked or misaligned teeth. They help minimize the likelihood of future oral problems, as well as guide the patient towards a healthy, attractive, and lifelong smile.

Yang Orthodontics, an orthodontics office in Palo Alto, is ready to help you achieve straight and beautiful teeth. Some of the orthodontic treatments we offer are:

Child Orthodontics

We assess the oral health of a child for signs of orthodontic problems, including teeth crowding, misalignment, and airway problems. With our early intervention strategies, patients can avoid dental complications that may result in bite and jaw problems.

Teen Orthodontics

Our orthodontics office provides teenagers with braces that come in an array of colors, styles, and materials.We offer orthodontic treatments to address crowding, gaps, and bite problems before the jaw bones cease growing and harden.

Adult Orthodontics

We believe that people can still obtain an attractive smile even if they are well into their adult years. Our innovative orthodontic treatments help straighten teeth so you can enjoy a picture-perfect smile at any age.


Are you searching for an alternative to your traditional braces? Make Invisalign your next choice. Dr. Yang has the experience and our office has the technology to provide you with clear sets of aligners that will help correct your crooked teeth.

Introducing Dr. Yang and the Orthodontics Team

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Our highly trained and board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Stephen Yang,will takecare of your teeth. After the initial consultation and comprehensive exam, our orthodontist will design a custom-tailored treatment plan to help you achieve that gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted.

Joining Dr. Yang is our team of registered dental assistants with more than 60 years of combined dental experience. They work great with both adults and children. You can count on them to keep you comfortable during orthodontic procedures and respond to any inquiries you may have about our orthodontic treatments.

Why Choose Our Orthodontics Office

Sure, we are just one of the orthodontics offices in Palo Alto, but these qualities set us apart from our competitors:

Timely Service

Our office strives to run on time every single day, as we understand just how valuable time is to our patients.

Free Initial Exams

We don’t charge a single cent for our orthodontic examinations.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our clinic has advanced equipment, such as computer imaging, 3D scanners, and digital x-rays, that provide patients with quality treatment.

(For Kids) Recall Program

If your young patient isn’t ready for our treatment, that’s okay. We place him/her in our YO Spy Club, a complimentary recall program, to observe his/her oral development and wait until he/she is at the right age to go through orthodontic treatment.

Call 650-366-5758 to request a complimentary examand consultation with Dr. Yang. 

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