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Making Orthodontic Treatments Fun and Kid-Friendly

Dental fear is common among children, making it hard for you as a parent to bring them to the dentist…But guess what? We’re not the dentist! We’re the orthodontist! The ages between 7 to 10 are crucial for your kids’ oral health. This is when your child’s permanent teeth are starting to appear, which is the best time to guide their teeth into growing in the right positions.

Thankfully, technology has created plenty of options when it comes to braces for children, allowing them to be more confident while wearing them. There are also orthodontists and offices like ours dedicated to your kids’ orthodontic health, prioritizing your child’s comfort and well-being.

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Choosing Your Child’s Orthodontist

Pick an orthodontist who can make your child feel at ease to make them forget about their anxiety. You can usually see this quality immediately after entering the office. Are the staff members warm and welcoming? Is the environment kid-friendly? If the answer is no, your kid may be hesitant to go back for treatments.

At Yang Orthodontics, we do more than just put braces on children’s teeth; we strive to make our patients comfortable. As soon as you and your child walk through our doors, you’ll be treated like a member of our family.

We have different games and programs your child can join. First is the Ultimate Prize Wheel. First-time patients get a complimentary spin, with the chance to win amazing prizes, like bowling passes and Amazon or Best Buy gift cards. We always add new prizes to the wheel to keep things exciting. You can earn another spin by collecting Ortho Bucks through our rewards program. You get 1 Ortho Buck every appointment if you meet two of the following criteria:

On-time arrival for your appointments

Good oral hygiene

Full-time wear of elastics, and/or other appliances

No broken bands, brackets, or other appliances

Apart from giving your child a reason to look forward to their next visit, the rewards program also encourages them to commit to their orthodontic treatment and take care of their teeth.

Orthodontic Treatments for Children

Child orthodontic treatments are varied since their permanent teeth are just starting to grow. The orthodontist will take complementary x-rays and photos and conduct an orthodontic exam to assess your child’s needs. We will screen your child for signs of teeth misalignment, mouth breathing, sleep apnea, and other orthodontic issues. With early intervention, we’ll work together to prevent complications that lead to jaw, breathing, and bite problems.

If your child is struggling with crowded front teeth, we may recommend an expander. This is a small metal appliance placed on the roof of the mouth to widen the upper jaw. It gently pushes the upper molars each time an adjustment is made. The best time to expand the palate is between the ages of seven to nine when the palatal bones are still flexible.

Getting Braces

Sometimes, habits from when your kid was a toddler affect their teeth alignment, like thumb sucking. The growing permanent teeth can also sprout in a crooked way, which can give way to bite problems. It’s easier to fix misaligned teeth at an early age, around 11 to 13 since jawbones are still flexible.

Today’s kids’ braces are lighter, more attractive, and more comfortable than the ones you probably experienced. Customization is also possible, letting your child choose colorful bands for their brackets.

Braces still take some time getting used to. It’s important to remind your child of proper dental habits, especially since food can get stuck around the brackets or cause breakage. If you prefer a more esthetic and comfortable orthodontic solution for your child, consider Invisalign.

Invisalign for Children

Invisalign is safe to use for kids; they’re made from BPA-free soft plastic. These clear aligners can be as effective as metal braces, if your child’s teeth have developed to an appropriate stage. Invisalign can be a more agreeable option for your kid since the trays are removable. They can take the aligners out and eat whatever they want. But they will have to wear the Invisalign trays for at least 21 hours each day for the treatment to be effective.

Yang Orthodontics offers Invisalign for kids as an alternative to traditional or clear braces. For kids that wear their Invisalign aligners as directed, the orthodontic treatment progresses nicely and they can have the comfort and convenience of not having to deal with a full mouth of braces.

We understand that accompanying your child through their orthodontic treatment can be challenging. Yang Orthodontics is here to lend you a hand.

You can reach us through our office phone number, text, or e-mail. We offer free consultations so contact us today!

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