Why We Are Seeing More Patients Coming In to See Us Despite COVID-19

invisalign for adults

Social distancing, working from home, and frequent hand sterilization are slowly becoming the new norm as the world fights the pandemic. Orthodontic practices have not been spared either. They are also implementing strict protocols in their operations as part of the gradual reopening of the economy. Limited operations under the Shelter-in-Place order enables Yang Orthodontics to continue serving existing and new clients for their orthodontic needs. Here are six reasons why we are seeing more patients coming in to see us despite Covid-19.

1. The ‘Zoom Syndrome’

The ‘new normal’ has brought a change in the workplace, with most staff working from their homes. Persons with misaligned teeth may feel increasingly self-conscious over the screens and prefer to hide their smiles during the zoom calls. Invisalign for adults is an attractive braces alternative that allows you to realign your teeth gradually. That way, you can smile confidently during your meetings.

2. Invisalign for Adults While at Home

Did you know that over 25% of all persons seeking orthodontic treatments are 18 years and above? Most adults are self-conscious about wearing traditional ‘train-track’ metal braces in public. The stay at home period has allowed more adults to get braces and Invisalign aligners without the fear of having to spend the whole day wearing them in public.

3. Strict Adherence to COVID-19 Disinfection Protocols

Your safety comes first at Yang Orthodontics. The team has participated in rigorous training on COVID-19 protocols to safeguard both the client and the staff from infections. Some of the measures undertaken include:

  • Before entering an examination room, all surfaces are disinfected with a medical-grade disinfectant. A staff member wipes surfaces such as the dental chair, light, and drawer handles.
  • Temperature and health scanning before any patient can enter the office. All patients must also wear a mask before entering the premises.
  • All dental instruments are sterilized using hospital-grade equipment.
  • All staff in patient-care wear personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, gowns, and eyewear.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of all areas including the lobby, bathrooms, door handles and reception counter.

Feel more comfortable as you walk in for your family orthodontics appointment.

4. Making Use of the Free Time

Most adults feel like they have outgrown the time required to acquire braces for their crooked teeth. Contrary to popular opinion, braces are not for pubescent teens only and are fit for any age group. Again, in the past, some may have felt like they did not have any time to spare for orthodontic appointments given their hectic schedules. Now that people have a bit of free time, it has become possible for them to make appointments.

5. Spaced Out Appointments

Invisalign utilizes smooth, clear aligners without any sharp edges. The custom aligners are more convenient than the metallic brackets used in traditional braces. They reduce the need for emergency orthodontic visits. With Invisalign for adults, the orthodontist can spread your visits far apart, reducing your consultations to every three to four months.

6. Affordable Treatment Options

With most international flights grounded and vacations halted, most households are contending with the thought of spending the rest of the year in their homes. The silver lining may be that finally, there is enough money available for you to rectify your teeth problems. Yang Orthodontics offers affordable orthodontic treatments that help you regain your beautiful smile.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the workplace as you know it, Yang Orthodontics can help you adjust to the new normal with a brighter smile. The orthodontic practice can rectify your mild and moderate malocclusions using Invisalign for adults’ braces.


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